effeuilleuse saiga franquet
effeuilleuse saiga franquet Leaf stripper


The revised leaf thinner from FRANQUET.

With one or two rotors, the Super Saïga leaf stripper is the lead on the market machine.
effeuilleuse saiga franquet When it was launched on the market in the 1980’s it revolutionised leaf stripping. In fact since the suction of a stripper is not proportional to its volume, the Super Saïga was designed with a small body which provided perfect visibility in front of the tractor, allowing an increase in weight (1000 kg) and providing energy saving due to its original design.

effeuilleuse saiga franquet The rotor of the ONE rotor Super Saïga is equipped with “spoon” cutters which, once the leaves are cut, projects them by sliding them along the body towards the discharge screw. On the TWO rotor Super Saïga the metal rotor is supplemented by a second rotor mounted with double rubber beaters which remove the greens and the dead leaves on the sugar beets and clean the intervening spaces.

To allow high speed quality work (5/6 km/h), the toppers are maintained inflated to a greater or lesser degree by hydraulic dampers according to the behaviour of the sugar beets in the soil. To reduce wear the bevelled edge of the blade is coated with tungsten carbide, which avoids the need to sharpen the scraper every day. Replacement springs for the dampers can be supplied on request.
Optionally a leaf spreader can be fitted for spreading on the side of the leaves, depending on the progress of the lifting work.

effeuilleuse saiga franquet

The FRANQUET Super-Saïga FRANQUET performs excellently at all times;
Often copied, never equalled.
The most efficient stripper on the market, the one everyone was waiting for.

effeuilleuse saiga franquet

pdf effeuilleuse saiga franquet consult and print the booklets of the products (+ modèle SUPER SAÏGA à 2 ROTORS)